Diablo Valley College 

Film Club

We Meet Every Tuesday, 2:20-3:50 pm in ATC-107 (Studio Production Class)

Our main objective is to help and encourage student filmmakers. Through Production Projects, Film Festivals and Hands-On Film Workshops, we offer a wide range of opportunities for students to network and build their skills as filmmakers. No matter what experience you have as an individual, you will leave club with a multitude of films that you have made or worked on as cast or crew members.

This site is designed to serve you by keeping past and current filmmaker updated with upcoming Club Projects, and Events. If you are interested in joining DVC Film Club or Contacting us, please subscribe to our website and message us.


Join our Talent Bank!

Find fellow creators!

This talent bank allows DVC students and local filmmakers to network and find talented creators based on their focus in film production!


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