Meet your Spring 2020 Officers!

Film Club Meets
TUESDAYS 2:20-3:50
@ ATC-107


Juliet Lucas


Director, Cinematographer

“I want to help grow and expand our collaborative club as a resource to fellow DVC creators, both while they’re here on campus and long after they’ve continued on to different chapters of their careers.”

Instagram: @redressproductions


Marc Thureau-Dangin

Vice President

"Cinema has always been a dialogue between art and society. As a film club officer this semester I wish to bring our inclusivity and our multicultural backgrounds into making great moving pictures."


Momo Umehara


Production Design, Makeup

"20 years ago, I was born in Japan.

Last year, I came to the United States for making movies.

Right now, I am learning more about my passion.

One day, I hope to walk on the red carpet."



Brand Manager

Production Designer

"Make 'em laugh"

Video Camera

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